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Poster: Percy Dovetonsils Date: Aug 17, 2003 7:15pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: MP4 Editables- Just How Editable Are They?

I'm getting a new Mac tomorrow (shoulda been thursday except for that damned blackout) and I'm wondering about these editables. What editing programs are people out there actually editing these things on? Is it pretty easy to import 'em? What is the quality of MP4's vs. Mpeg2 (which seems to be very good quality to me)...

Just hoping somebody might have info for me-


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Poster: Steve Nordby Date: Aug 18, 2003 1:19pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: MP4 Editables- Just How Editable Are They?

The MPEG2 files here vary in resolution, quality, and editablity. My experience is that most editors can handle 640x480 (4x3 aspect ratio with square pixels), but may choke on non-square-pixel resolutions. Nothing I have edits MPEG4, but my editors are old crappy Windows stuff, so your mileage will vary.